Mosketch #

Quick and easy 3D character animation #


Mosketch® is a 3D animation software that allows artists to animate any 3D characters by the stroke of a pen. It is intuitive and cuts production times by 4 on average. With Mosketch, users can animate any 3D character using joints only. Complex control rigs are not needed anymore! Sketch on your 3D character joints to quickly design key poses. Creating animation is made simple and intuitive. With its unique Up-and Down-influence, Mosketch provides quick and full control on any joint, its parent and its descendants.


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M. Mahmudi, P. Harish, B. Le Callennec and R. Boulic. Artist-Oriented 3D Character Posing from 2D Strokes. In Computers & Graphics, 2016.

September 14, 2022
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