Interactive Motion Deformation with Prioritized Constraints.

Interactive Motion Deformation with Prioritized Constraints #

Benoit Le Callennec, Ronan Boulic. In Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH / Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation, 2004. #


In this paper, we present an interactive motion deformation method to modify animations so that they satisfy a set of prioritized constraints. Our approach successfully handles the problem of retargetting, adjusting a motion, as well as adding significant changes to preexisting animations. We introduce the concept of prioritized constraints to avoid tweaking issues for competing constraints. Each frame is individually and smoothly adjusted to enforce a set of prioritized constraints. The iterative construction of the solution channels the convergence through intermediate solutions, enforcing the highest prioritized constraints first. In addition, we propose a new, simple formulation to control the position of the center of mass so that the resulting motions are physically plausible. Finally, we demonstrate that our method can address a wide range of motion editing problems.


September 14, 2022
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